Automated Logic® OptiFlex I/O expanders are integral components of the WebCTRL® building automation system. OptiFlex I/O expanders deliver input and output capacity to the powerful OptiFlex BACnet Building Controllers. Up to nine OptiFlex I/O expanders can be added to an OptiFlex BACnet Building controller.

OptiFlex I/O expanders are designed for flexible panel configurations. They are DIN rail or screw-tab mountable and can be mixed and matched to meet the I/O requirements of the equipment being controlled. The expanders can be mounted directly to the OFBBC controller or remotely mounted up to 500’ away.

Hardware Features
  • DIN rail or screw mounting
  • 12 Software configurable inputs supporting
    • 0–5 Vdc
    • 0–10 Vdc
    • 0–20 mA
    • RTD
    • Thermistor
    • dry contact
    • pulse counter
  • 8 Outputs which can be set as analog or binary and feature
    • Hand-Auto-Off (HAO) switches are on each output, including potentiometers for manual adjustment of analog outputs.
    • Analog outputs can be used for 0-10 Vdc or 0-20 mA devices
    • Binary outputs have a built-in relay and can be used to switch external devices or relays up to 1A, 30 Vac/Vdc
    • Output resolution 12 bit D/A
Compatible with OptiFlex BACnet Building Controllers Models
  • OF1628
  • OF028NR
  • OF1628-NR



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