Zone Controller

The ZN220 is a fully programmable, native BACnet Advanced Application Controller (AAC) designed for controlling a single zone in a building. It communicates on an EIA-485 LAN using BACnet over ARCnet or BACnet MS/TP communications and connects seamlessly to the WebCTRL® building automation system.


  • BACnet Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC) that support native BACnet communications to field devices overhigh-speed ARCNET 156 Kbps or BACnet MS/TP networks
  • Custom-programmable using EIKON® software for the WebCTRL® system, enabling you to create graphic logic sequences for your application.
  • Flexible communication port configurations are available for communications to field controllers and routing to other BACnet and non-BACnet devices
  • Supports OptiPoint™ equipment interfaces
  • Supports communicating sensors
  • BACnet Testing Lab (BTL) Product Listing
  • BACnet Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS)
  • Plenum rated



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